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AirBnB are a large online broker who match customers with rooms to rent. They are internationally known, but there is an AirBnB contact number for AirBnB complaints in the UK. Both guests and hosts have to provide identification if they want to sign up to AirBnB UK. This allows there to be a certain element of trust to the booking, but that is still not to say people will not need to contact them if things go wrong.

They also have reviews available which are all visible on site, all again to minimize people calling the AirBnB helpline, but if that does happen, here is how to get through.

Use our call connection number to be patched through to the AirBNB contact number, and speak to a member of their UK customer service team now.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

AirBNB customer service020 3318 1111
AirBNB complaints020 3318 1111
AirBNB reviews020 3318 1111
AirBNB emergency numberClick Here
AirBNB London020 3318 1111
AirBNB accounts020 3318 1111
AirBNB technical support020 3318 1111
AirBNB cancellations020 3318 1111
AirBNB Head Office020 3318 1111
AirBNB corporate020 3318 1111

AirBnB phone number

The AirBnB helpline is available in the UK to call through to an adviser to try and get an answer to your problem or query.

AirBnB contact number

United Kingdom: +44 203 318 1111

Due to the nature of the company, it is also quite possible you will need to contact them outside of the UK. Here is a list of numbers for all of the countries that AirBnB operate in:

Argentina: +54 11 53 52 78 88
Australia: +61 2 8520 3333
Austria: +43 72 08 83 800
Brazil: +55 21 3958-5800
Canada: +1-855-424-7262 / 1-855-4-AIRBNB (toll-free)
Chile: +56 229380777
China: +86 10 5904 5310 or 400 890 0309 (shared-cost)
Denmark: +45 89 88 20 00
France: +33 1 84 88 40 00
Germany: +49 30 30 80 83 80
Greece: +30 211 1989888
Hong Kong: +852 5808 8888
Ireland: +353 1 697 1831
Israel: +972 3 939 9977
Italy: +39 06 99366533
Japan: +81 3 4580 0999 or +81 800 100 1008 (toll-free)
Mexico: +52 55 41 70 43 33
Netherlands: +31 20 52 22 333
New Zealand: +64 4 4880 888
Norway: +47 21 61 16 88
Peru: +51 1 7089777
Poland / Polska: +48 22 30 72 000
Portugal: +351 30 880 3888
Puerto Rico: +1 787 919-0880
Russia: +7 4954658090 or 88003017104 (toll-free)
South Korea: +82 2 6022 2499 or +82 808 220 230 (toll-free)
Spain: +34 91 123 45 67
Sweden: +46 844 68 12 34
Switzerland: +41 43 50 84 900
United States (USA): +1-415-800-5959

Contacting AirBnB online

There are many different ways to contact AirBnB with complaints if you cannot get through by phone. Some of the online channels put your complaint in front of a large potential audience, so AirBnB may be quicker to respond.


You can find AirBnB on Facebook on They may not always get back to complaints on this particular social media channel, but if you make one by phone and feel you are not getting anywhere, you could back it up with a Facebook post to get them to respond more efficiently.


You can find AirBnB on Twitter on Again, they may not respond to all complaints made here, but they will endeavor to respond to as many as possible. Twitter is a lot more faster paced than Facebook, so if you are looking to back up AirBnB complaints by phone then this way may be better than Facebook.

Email/Help centre

To contact AirBnB by email, you need to log in to your account and use their help centre. If you do not have an account with AirBmB and this is just a general query, then you will need to phone the AirBnB phone number to make your complaint. Once you have logged in and gone through the help centre, you should receive an automated email to tell you how long it will take for them to investigate your complaint.

Tips for complaining to AirBnB

- Have everything you need ready

This includes dates, times, references numbers, travel details and also names of people you have spoken to previously. Even if you do not have a booking number, try and get as much information you can, especially dates and times.

- Always find out who you spoke to

When you make a complaint, you make it in the good faith that the person you are speaking to will then go off and investigate the complaint. This is, unfortunately not always the case. Ensure that you take down names of everyone you speak to in the complaints process, and also where possible emails.

This means if you do have to chase it up at a later date, you will know exactly who you have spoken to and when, and someone is accountable for you not having a solution yet.

- Back up telephone complaints with social media

When you make a complaint over social media, the powers that be that run the social media channels will contact the main complaints centre. Usually, the process is that they will tell you do follow a certain link or call a certain helpline or get someone to call you.

If you have already called through to the AirBnB complaint line, you can add a bit of pressure by informing them of your complaint on social media.

AirBNB Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours
24 Hours

AirBNB head office postal address

100 New Bridge Street,
United Kingdom,

AirBNB website

AirBNB help centre

AirBNB on Facebook

AirBNB on Twitter

AirBNB Help on Twitter

AirBNB on Instagram

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