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EA Sports UK is the UK branch of EA Sports. Also known as Electric Arts Sports (with the short-lived name of the EA Sports Network in the 1990s) it is
a sports video game company which has created various FIFA football games, hockey games and a PGA tour game fronted by Rory McIlroy.
Instead of buying EA Sports games you may chose to subscribe to Origin Access. Here you are able to play the complete versions of EA sports releases before the general public get to see them in an online area known as "the Vault". The number and variants of games available differs from country to country, so don't expect your favourite game to be here. On Origin you may also see non-playable demos of future games.
You can obtain information about the latest EA game releases at http://www.info.ea.com/. To look for jobs at EA, should you be so inclined, please go to https://eajobs.mobolt.com/.

Get connected through to the main EA Sports contact number now and speak to a member of their customer service team by using our connection service.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111
FIFA 17 contact number020 3318 1111
Origin020 3318 1111
Electronic Arts020 3318 1111
EA cancellations 020 3318 1111
EA Sports claims020 3318 1111
EA Access020 3318 1111
Battlefield020 3318 1111
The Sims020 3318 1111
Battlefront020 3318 1111
EA complaints020 3318 1111
Technical Support020 3318 1111

How do I contact EA Sports UK?

There are a number of ways to contact EU Sports depending on the problem and what you wish to achieve.
The contact number for EA Sports UK FIFA, should you have difficulties with that specific franchise, is 0203 014 1818. The number for EA Sports contact number for EA Sports customer service in general is 080000000000. It is same number should you wish to call EA Games as well as questions about the Origin platform (For more details on how Origin works see the first section above).
Lines for the EA Sports phone number operate from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9am and 9pm. This number should also be used for technical problems. You should ideally have the details of the problem with you when you make the call. It might help them sort out the problem if you narrow it down to a few choice bugbears.
It should go without saying that you need to speak clearly on the phone and it may help if you have details about where you purchased the item. As with any call having as much as detail as you can to hand is probably ideal. Maybe it is worth calming down before you make the call, just to get the best result.
According to the Consumer.com website there are many unsatisfied customers with EA Sports such as the computer crashing and freezing and some games being slow to play and others games being inconsistent in their gameplay and quite frustrating. Taking FIFA games as an example, many members of the virtual team are believed to have faults, and often when you change players you get the wrong one, difficulty tackling. There are similar reviews on other websites, so these difficulties are in no way one offs.
There are also complaints of the comparatively high prices of the game, paying in excess of £50 may not be worth it if things in the game are on the amateurish side. Someone has even described an EA game as overpriced paperweight! In any case, not what you'd expect when you buy what appears to be a premium product.
There may be the problems of expectations here, seeing a professional football or golf game on television and expecting a similar level of play, but as so many users have complained there is likely to be a number of faults in the games and maybe in the company itself. However, if you feel ripped off you should feel entitled to claim your money back on your purchase.
Although people tend to want to use the EA Sports phone number you can also contact them visit their website at https://help.ea.com/uk/contact-us/new/. You can also get what is known by them as "official support" at https://help.ea.com/uk/ and there is also a community on the website where you can ask questions and let off steam on various games such as Madden, NHL and UFC at https://forum.ea.com/. As you might expect, you can also contact them via Facebook at facebook.com/easports and Twitter at twitter.com/easports. You can also use the Twitter contact for FIFA EU Sports at twitter.com/easportsfifa.
Should you not get the results you require from your enquiry you may also find it satisfying to complain online or perhaps a consumer programme if your problem is bad enough and persists. If still nothing comes of this there may be little more that can be done, sorry. As stated above, many people have had similar complaints to you. It is probably always better to lodge your complaint than remain silent.
These details about EA Sports contacts are correct as for January 2017. Please note that neither the author of this content or the owner of the website is connected with EA Sports or its affiliates.

EA Sports Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
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EA Sports UK Head Office address

EA Sports
Unit Parkmore West
Parkmore Business Park
County Galway

EA Sports website

EA website

EA Sports contact us page

EA Gear website

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